My Voice Means Something. Ukrainian Women on the War.

With the exhibition "My Voice Means Something". Ukrainian women on the War, the Museum of Women's and Gender History Kharkiv makes visible how women from Ukraine deal with the current war. In the foyer of the House of Austrian History, twelve women from Ukraine take the space to speak about their individual experiences and agency during the war. The presentation puts at the centre memorable quotes from the women's stories and photos taken by themselves. A QR code links to the full story – with texts to read and listen to. The exhibition at the House of Austrian History is based on the project “HERstory of the War” by Tetiana Isaieva, director of the Museum of Women's and Gender History Kharkiv, who has fled to Austria. She has temporarily relocated her museum from the heavily destroyed second largest city in Ukraine to the online realm.

The selection of stories presented at the hdgö was jointly curated by Tetiana Isaieva (Museum of Women's and Gender History Kharkiv), Natalija Jakubova, Stefan Benedik (hdgö) and Antonia Heidl (hdgö).