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Reviewing 1945: Eleven new perspectives

This exhibition is the first joint presentation of the House of Austrian History and the ten state museums of Austria and South Tyrol
It provides new insights into the end of the Second World War. At this time, the territory of present-day Austria faced extremes: while in some places Nazi rule continued a reign of terror, elsewhere processes of democratisation were initiated. Eleven extraordinary objects open up new perspectives on the last days of Nazi terror, the founding of the Second Republic and the long-term impact of these contradictory times.

Visit the exhibition at https://1945.hdgoe.at/

In Between: Photographs of Spring and Summer 1945

75 years after the end of Nazi rule, this digital exhibition examines the ways in which contemporaries visualised their experiences at the time. Photographs of such events are never neutral: At the end of the war, it was important for many Austrians to prove their status as victims – so they constantly emphasised the destruction and scarcity they suffered. By contrast, the occupying powers initially wanted to draw attention to their own prowess during the war, going on to show how quickly they managed to create order and normality. Some of these photographs are voyeuristic. They make use of the fascination that war exerts as an extreme situation. For example, military offensives were repeated for the camera and scenes of triumph re-enacted.

Have a look at the exhibition here.